2018 News

News of 2017

Dec 23
Advent webinar week 4

Dec 16
Advent webinar week 3

Dec 9
Advent webinar week 2

Dec 8
Carla will travel to Pioneer Bible headquarters in Dallas

Dec 2
Advent webinar begins - contact Carla to join the webinar!

November 11
Carla will host a Noonday Trunk Show as a fundraiser for Pioneer Bible Translators.

November 9
Carla received several projects to begin work for the Africa area of Pioneer Bible!

October 23
Carla reached 100%! Let's celebrate together!

September 16
Final party! Celebrate reaching 100%! Contact Carla for more information if you would like to attend.

September 7
Carla has an advocate coffee date with Nancy L. and friends

September 1
The end of the 1 by 1 to August campaign. The campaign has helped the team reach over 90% of needed financial support

August 30
Carla has reached 90%! This means she can begin to prepare for full time consulting work!

August 30
Jamie's first day of school! She's growing up fast!

August 22
Carla meets with the missions committee from First Baptist Church of Medford, WI.

August 15
Carla is hosting a webinar on translation consulting. Contact Carla if you would like to join!

August 9
Advocates Terry and Brenda Moore are hosting an advocate night for Carla!

August 8
Carla will meet with the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Fond du Lac

July 23
Carla will speak at The Crossroads Church in Columbus, WI

July 11-13
Carla will be working with the Kono language team to develop a spelling system. This will be used for all Kono writing, and especially in the Bible!

June 21-26
Carla and her family are traveling to Niagara Falls and Pittsburgh to spend time with her brother.

June 17
Prayer Team Lunch - Carla's prayer team will meet together to eat lunch and pray

June 16
Bonfire Celebration! Carla and her team will celebrate reaching the halfway point of the 1 by 1 campaign with S'mores and a bonfire.

June 14 
Carla will speak to the Missions Team at Beloit Road Baptist Church

May 28
Carla will speak to Crossroads Community Church in Johnson Creek and Columbus

May 25
Carla will speak with Pastor Jeremy Sexton from Lakeside Community Church in Algoma, WI

May 21
Carla will speak at Evansville Community Church in Evansville, WI

May 10
Carla will share her ministry with the Pipping's small group at Community Church

April 30
Carla will visit Hope Christian Church in Chicago.

April 16
Happy Easter! Carla will celebrate Christ's resurrection with her home church family at Community Church in Fond du Lac.

April 9
Carla will speak at Tom and Amy Seibel's church in Eldorado. Carla's family connected with the Seibels through homeschooling, so she is excited to reconnect with them.

April 2
Carla will give an update on her trip to Italy at Walnut Hill Bible Church.

March 26
Carla will give an update on her trip to Italy at Community Church during the second service. Anyone is welcome to attend!

March 10
Coffee at ReachOut! Carla will be back meeting with people at ReachOut on Fridays! Contact her to schedule another time if Fridays don't work for you.

March 4
Carla is jumping back into building a partnership team with an appointment with some family friends

March 1
Carla and Jamie return from Italy

January 30
Carla, Jamie, and Sarah leave for Italy!

January 28
Send-off party for Carla, Jamie, and Sarah at the home of Jim and Judy Flood. Contact Carla if you are interested in attending!

January 20
Carla will start a Bible study with some former co-workers at St. Agnes Hospital. Since she has the privilege of living in the United States, Carla wants to help bring God's Word to people in her own community as well.

Jan 3
Carla will celebrate Christmas with the staff of Community Church