2020 News

News from 2019

September 15
Carla will be co-teaching a class at Community Church called Bible Connections

September 6
Community Church women's ministry presents Heroes of Faith: Women who changed the world through missions. Carla will speak on women missionaries who have influenced missions.

August 17
Carla will speak at the Faith at Work women's study on the history of the Bible

This month will be focused on revising the book of Mark for another West African language.

May 28
Happy Birthday, Carla!

May 17
Final day of French classes at UW-Oshkosh!

This month's main task is checking the book of Luke for a West African language group.

April 28
Carla will give an update at Community Church on her trip to Africa

April 4-21 
Carla will co-lead a workshop with an East African translation team to write an alphabet for a local language group

March 2-10 
Carla's family is taking a vacation to celebrate her parents' retirement!

February 11 
Carla and Jamie begin a French class for kids in the community to help Jamie begin her French-learning journey!

February 4 
Carla begins another French class at UW-Oshkosh to help improve her communication with French speaking colleagues in West Africa

January 28-February 2
Poetry workshop for translators in West Africa

January 25-29
Carla will visit partners in Oregon and Washington state

January 12
Carla will work with her church to create kits for Days for Girls in Senegal - a program to bring dignity to girls in Africa.

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