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Completion of the 1 X 1 to August Campaign

1 by 1 Campaign

Espen and Chris Klausen

Espen and Chris Klausen are good friends from my home church, Community Church of Fond du Lac. We team teach an adult Sunday School class called The Gospel Project, and Chris is the director of the church Resource Center (library). They center their lives around God’s Word, and Chris and I have had many in-depth conversations on Biblical topics. Espen is from Norway, so he has first hand experience with Bible study in a different language! They have advocated for me in fun ways, like having me at their garage sale! They took a video in Espen’s beautiful home country to talk about the importance of Bible translation. View their video to hear why they joined my partnership team (and get a glimpse of Norway’s beautiful landscape)!

Derek and Shannon Toshner

A Bridge to God’s Word would like to thank Derek and Shannon Toshner for their support of Carla’s ministry. They are a part of the 1 by 1 to August campaign and their gift, along with others, has enabled Carla to reach over 70% of her needed support. Now they invite you to join them in the 1 by 1 to August Campaign. Thank you Derek and Shannon for your awesome support and encouragement of Carla’s ministry!

Ron Scholte

A Bridge to God’s Word is once again highlighting one of Carla’s Advocate Team members, Ron Scholte. Ron shares why he supports Carla in a very unique way…from 40 feet in the air! Thanks Ron for supporting Carla and encouraging others to do the same! Your advocacy helps Carla fulfill her calling in the important missionary work of Bible Translation!

Brad W

Brad W Interview Part 1 of 2.

Brad W Interview Part 2 of 2

Brad W, director of RADafrica, in Italy. Brad shares not only about RADafrica’s important work in Africa, but also why RADafrica supported Carla’s trip to Italy. Thank you you Brad, and the RADafrica Team, for your encouraging support of Carla’s missionary work!

Carolyn Schorse

Carolyn shares why she support’s Carla and why its important for us to do the same. Thank you Carolyn for your willingness to support Carla’s missionary work of translation!


Takilma Bible Church, in Cave Junction, Oregon one of her newest supporting churches!

Supporting missionary work is nothing new for this church which was founded some 36 years ago reaching the unchurched among the hippie culture. Worshipping in a unique log building it is a church that continues to reach outside the bubble by not only focusing their ministry on Cave Junction but supporting missionary work around the world.

To learn more about Takilma Bible Church and her ministries visit the website at

Thank you Takilma Bible Church in Cave Junction, Oregon for joining Carla in building a bridge to God’s Word!

Community Church

Community Church in Fond du Lac Wisconsin.

It is exciting to showcase this congregation because Community is Carla’s home church. As a daughter of this growing congregation Carla is thankful for the many people who influenced her own Christian life and calling as she was growing up.

Watch this video to learn about Community Church and why they are supporting Carla both financially and in prayer.

To learn more about Community’s ministries, visit their website at

Thank you Community Church in Fond du lac Wisconsin for joining with Carla in Building A Bridge to God’s Word!

Informational Video

This is an informational video inviting you to join Carla Unseth in building a bridge to God’s Word. As you watch this presentation of Carla sharing with family and friends consider becoming a part of her group of significant supporters. Your contribution will make a positive impact for people in Africa by bringing God’s word to them in their own language. To help build the bridge you can give your financial gift today.