Thank you for joining me in Building a Bridge to God’s Word! Your support to the translation work in Africa is bringing “good news” to those who are still waiting for the Bible in their own language. Your monthly, annual, or single gift can easily be shared right here.

Carla Unseth Presentation Video.

Completion of the 1 By 1 to August Campaign

There are many beautiful bridges in the world, but no physical, man-made bridge, equals the beauty of the spiritual bridge which is Jesus Christ. A bridge which leads us to reconciliation with God.

Although we can see many beautiful bridges around the world, the spiritual bridge which Christ has built is found in the Bible.

However, if someone does not have a Bible in their language it is very difficult for them to understand not only what Christ has done for them, but how to live a life of faith.

Thankfully, Carla’s ministry of Bible Translation enables those who do not have a Bible in their language to have one.

In its own way, Carla’s ministry of translation work is also a bridge. A bridge to God’s Word which, with your financial and prayer support, we have been building over this last year.

Thank you so much for your continued support of this very important work and ministry. This has been a great year, and much has been accomplished, thank you for being such an important part of reaching the goal!

Latest News

October 21
Carla will visit Medford First Baptist Church in Medford, WI

October 10
Carla will meet with another couple interested in missions to talk about mission work

October 4
Carla will teach a "Taste of Translation" class at Community Church

September 22
Jamie begins French classes

September 5
Carla will begin French classes at US Oshkosh

August 27
Carla will lead a "Taste of Translation" webinar for Rancho Bernardo Community Church in San Diego.

Carla will complete exegetical checking on the book of Mark!

July 21-28
Carla and Jamie will attend Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference in Muskegon, MI

July 14
Team Baga will run the Dances with Dirt Trail Race in Baraboo, WI!

Call for Advocates!

As I continue my support raising journey, I am continually looking for new people who will be interested in my ministry. One way to find new people is through those who are already on my team. I am looking for a team of people to be advocates - people who will introduce me to people and opportunities to share my ministry. Do you know of a church, small group, or friends that would be interested in my ministry? Join my Advocate Team! You will be featured on my website as an Advocate.