Thank you for joining me in Building a Bridge to God’s Word! Your support to the translation work in Africa is bringing “good news” to those who are still waiting for the Bible in their own language. Your monthly, annual, or single gift can easily be shared right here.

Carla Unseth Presentation Video.


I am so blessed to be a part of this translation ministry, and you are a part of this ministry too. I am so thankful for your partnership over the year and so thankful for everything that you have done to help build this Bridge to God’s Word!

Latest News

Carla and Jamie will be purchasing tickets for Africa! We plan to head to Africa for 9 months starting in March of 2021.

Merry Christmas! Check out Carla's Facebook or Instagram pages for some Advent meditations

The West African translation team that Carla will work with while overseas will meet to discuss what a year overseas will look like.

Carla is preparing some videos on translation for Fond du Lac Christian School. Keep your eyes open for them to be posted!

Carla's podcast series on an overview of the Bible moves into the New Testament! Check out the podcast page to hear how the whole Bible tells one story.

One of the West African translation teams that Carla assists is working on the book of Luke.

The family took some time to relax and return to translation with fresh eyes

Carla and Jamie remained safe and were able to work from home during Wisconsin's Safer at Home order.

Call for Advocates!

As I continue my support raising journey, I am continually looking for new people who will be interested in my ministry. One way to find new people is through those who are already on my team. I am looking for a team of people to be advocates - people who will introduce me to people and opportunities to share my ministry. Do you know of a church, small group, or friends that would be interested in my ministry? Join my Advocate Team! You will be featured on my website as an Advocate.