Carla Unseth
Turning our Eyes to Heaven - Singleness in Church History
September 22, 2023
What is the value of marriage? This is a question that both the culture and the church answers, a ...
Can a Single Woman be a Biblical Woman?
July 28, 2023
In my previous blog post, I talked about the uncomfortable inconvenience of single women to our t ...
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The Uncomfortable Inconvenience of Single Women
May 15, 2023
As a single woman missionary, I have always enjoyed learning about other single women missionarie ...
Women of Faith – Katie V.
November 9, 2022
This is a picture of Katie V. painting a window shutter. Katie was a missionary in a small villag ...
The Day God Left
August 17, 2022
“Do you want me to keep trying?” My team leader looked at me, and I looked back at him. I ...
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Mother, Father, Children – How Paul Loved the Church
July 13, 2022
Lately our team has been working through 1 & 2 Thessalonians. As the team translates, I have ...
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Do We Translate the King James?
May 27, 2022
When I first started building a partnership team to do Bible translation, I was asked several tim ...
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Encanto and Gifts of the Spirit
April 12, 2022
Lately Jamie and I have been watching the movie Encanto. I say “have been watching” because we ha ...
Sounds and Symbols
February 10, 2022
One aspect of my job that always intrigues people is writing alphabets. In fact, I’ll soon be hea ...
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Listening Prayer
November 18, 2021
This week, Jamie and I got stuck out in the village where we work and do school. We headed to ...
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Unashamed or Confident?
October 20, 2021
PAUL IN ROMANS 1:16-17Right now in our translation, we are focusing on the bo ...
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A Lesson from Matthew – The Essence of You
August 20, 2021
As a translation team, we have been going through the book of Matthew. Recently, we looked at Mat ...
Mary comforts Eve
Women of Faith – Eve
December 24, 2020
I recently came across this picture of Mary comforting Eve, and the juxtaposition of sadness and ...
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Women of Faith – Linda Vande Zande
November 16, 2020
If you walk into a certain quiet bedroom-turned-office on a small street in an out of the way sub ...
Women of Faith – Gladys Aylward
September 1, 2020
The sounds coming over the prison wall were terrifying. The prisoners were rioting. The soldiers ...
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Worship, Social Justice, and Black Lives Matter
August 4, 2020
As I have been learning about worship, one of the worship styles which scares me a little bit is ...
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Worship through Contemplative Prayer
July 6, 2020
As I have learned more about worship, I have learned about many spiritual disciplines that ar ...
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The Heart of Worship
May 6, 2020
In a recent newsletter, I talked about spiritual temperaments, which means that different people ...
Ways to Worship
May 6, 2020
Learning about worship styles and personality<br ...
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The Power of Life and Death
March 13, 2020
Today is usually my day to publish a blog post, and I had one written out that I was ready ...
Women of Faith – Mary Slessor
February 14, 2020
"When you think of the woman’s power, you forget the power of the woman’s God. I shall go on. ...
Women of Faith – Elizabeth Fry
January 13, 2020
Recently I have started volunteering at a Bible study in the women’s prison near where I live. It ...
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A Question of Comfort
December 2, 2019
“Would we be able to live in Africa for a year?” This was the question that we came to answer ...
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Women of Faith: Corrie Ten Boom
October 29, 2019
A few weeks ago, I did a women’s ministry event at my church where we talked about different wome ...